Our Mission

SecureBio’s mission is to provide state of the art in-the-field chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear (CBRN) and DNA capabilities, run by highly experienced operatives, underwritten by top end science, able to function in the most demanding conditions in order to provide rapid, accurate and attributable results and intelligence.

Core to achieving our mission are our highly experienced and operationally focussed staff.

Our Staff

SecureBio’s operational and training teams are highly experienced CBRN users, able to adapt and flex to meet your requirements from the Board room to the Mail room.  All of our operators are cleared to UK Secret, having honed their skills on CBRN operations around the world with specialist units from the British Army and Metropolitan Police Service.

We are uniquely placed to provide in depth advice and support to enhance your CBRN resilience.



Military & Law Enforcement

Corporate & Media Support

Disaster Support Services

Risk Management

Our CBRN operational experience, from across the command spectrum, makes SecureBio uniquely placed to bridge the gap between commercial organisations and the wider military and law enforcement community.


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Working closely with our Corporate and Media clients, SecureBio’s team of experts will develop a clear, concise and logical CBRN action plan, supported by access to our 24/7 hotline,  regular threat updates and bespoke staff training.

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Our experienced teams can provide specialist disaster support, including post incident liaison with public and private organisation, victim identification and body recovery to rapidly, sensitively and successfully manage the return to normality.

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CBRN incidents, although rare, are likely to have a severe impact on corporate and travel activities.  SecureBio’s experts can identify CBRN risks and provide bespoke advice to mitigate the risk, in order to reduce impact and loss.

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